Manker CROWN 1x LUMINUS SBT90.2 LED 5000 Lumens Digital Zoom Flashlight

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Name: Manker CROWN 1x LUMINUS SBT90.2 LED 5000 Lumens Digital Zoom Flashlight

Categories: Search Lights

Brand: Manker Flashlight

FL1 STANDARDECO ModeLowMiddle1Middle2HighTurboStrobe
Max. spotMax FloodMax. spot
Max Flood
Max. spot
Max Flood
Max. spot
Max Flood
Max. spot
Max Flood
Max. spot
Max Flood
Max. spot
Max Flood
Runtime75h10h4h 30min2h3 0min2h1h 55min-
Max Beam Intensity-16,900cd-34,225cd-62,500cd-122,500cd-202,500cd--
Max Beam Distance-260m-370m-500m-700m-900m--
Emitter1x LUMINUS SBT90.2
Working Voltage
8.6V - 12.8V (±0.1V)
Impact Resistance1m
Dimension5.47"/139 mm (Length), 2.53"/64.2 mm (Head diameter), 1.81"/46 mm (Body diamter), 1.85"/47 mm (Tail diameter), 0.138"/3.5 mm (Lanyard hole on tail)
Weight14.09 oz / 399.4 gram (without battery), 19.13 oz / 542.3 gram (with batteries)
Battery3 x 18650  (Excluded)


1. The world's first digital zoom flashlight (Patent No.202010532861.X)

2. Utilizes 1x LUMINUS SBT90 GEN2 LED with a max output of 5,000 lumens

3. Max. beam intensity of 202,500 cd and max. throw distance of 900 meters

4. Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

5. Integrated precision digital optics technology for extreme reflector performance

6. High efficiency constant circuit provides a stable output (Non-PWM)

7. Advanced power management technology for an ultra-low standby drain

8. Integrated digital zoom module, light can be easily shaped electronically without mechanical systems, without ladders, without replacement optics...

9. With advanced intelligent temperature regulation module, CROWN regulates its output and adapts to the ambient environment, maintaining optimal performance

10. Electronic reverse polarity protection and over-discharge protection

11. Integrated indicator inside switch indicates remaining battery voltage

12. User-friendly Interface, easy & fast one handed operation

13. Dual side switches control all brightness levels and functions. (one switch control power / mode operation, another switch control digital zoom operation)

14. Zoom operation: Ramping, sectional zoom, or direct access to Max.spotlight (or max. floodlight)

15. Five user selectable ECO mode (0.1 - 130 lumens) to meet the requirement of different lower brightness

16. Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy

17. Premium type-III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

18. Immersion gold and gold plated connector to ensure an effective conductivity

19. Deeper cooling fins improve heat dissipation performance

20. CROWN can be directly mounted to a tripod, turning it into a camp light or a fixed supplementary light

21. Diamond-pattern knurling provide a better gripping surface

22. Integrated battery magazine design allows for a lighter and more compact body

23. Trapezoidal thread offer high strength and durability, allow tailcap twists smoothly

24. Convenient tail-stand capability

25. Built-in lanyard hole (inner diameter: 0.138" / 3.5 mm)

26. Rating in accordance with IP68 (2 meters submersible)

27. Purpose-designed to be compact, lightweight and portable


1. Mankerlight flashlights are high-intensity lighting devices capable of causing eye damage or other harms. so please avoid shining our lights directly into anyone's eyes.

2. To protect batteries, driver circuit and LED, we DO NOT recommend you run the light at turbo mode in longer time.

3. The warranty will be nulllified if product is broken down, reconstructed and or modified by unauthorized parties.

4. To avoid bad contact, please often clean all metal contact with a clean cloth.

5. Every 6 months, threads should be wiped with a clean cloth followed by a thin coating of silicon-based lubricant.

6. To maintain waterproof rating, please lubricate the O-ring with silicone safe lubricant and replace worn O-rings as needed.

7. If the light will not be used for an extended period, remove the battery, or the light could be demaged by electronlyte leakage or battery explosion.

8. Manker recommends using 3x excellent quality high drain 18650 batteries. 

Package Included:

1x Manker CROWN digital zoom flashlight

1x Qaulity holster

1x Lanyard

1x Waterproof o-ring

1x User manual

1x 3/8" to 1/4" Tripod Thread Adapter