Name:  Wolf Eyes XBeam Cree XM-L U2 HO LED 579 Lumens RED / Green Hunting  Light

Categories: Hunting Lights

Brand: Wolf Eyes Flashlights

LEDwhite and IR Infrared, Cree XM-L U2 HO
Max Output579lm(white light), 65lm(Red light)
Max Beam Distance150m(white light), 217m(Red light)
Runtime60mins(white light)
Max Beam Intensity11775cd
Battery1× 18650 Rechargeable battery or 2 x CR123 battery
Weight200g(excluding battery)


1. Safe Locking: when switched to “zero off” position, the flashlight is completely off to avoid accidental activation.

2. Aspheric lens with rotary focusing function: enables users to get a tight & flood beam when adjusting the flashlight.

3. 6HA-Remote Tapeswitch Tailcap: with removable tapeswitch, making the flashlight suitable for both tactical and hunting purpose.

Package Included:

1x flashlight

1 x User manual

1x box