Wolf Eyes Pro Sniper E XM-L2 U2 / Luminus SST-40-W LED 1210 Lumens Hunting Light

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Name: Wolf Eyes Pro Sniper E XM-L2 U2 / Luminus SST-40-W LED 1210 Lumens  Hunting Light

Categories: Hunting Lights

Brand: Wolf Eyes Flashlights

LED XM-L2 U2 / Luminus SST-40-W LED
Max Output1210lm
Impact Resistant281m
Weight195g(excluding battery)
DimensionLength: 178mm. Ø Body: 25mm. Ø Head: 36mm


1. Prefocused with reflector: providing 1210 lumens output.

2. USB charging system: users could recharge Pro Sniper-E simply by inserting micro-USB plug into the USB port, without taking out the battery at all!

3. Charging indicator: a red light indicates that the flashlight is being rapidly charged; the indicator will turn green when battery is full.

4. Great compatibility to common micro-USB chargers: Pro Sniper-E can be recharged by any common micro-USB chargers, so no extra charger is needed if you already have one for your mobile devices.

5. Multiple charging methods available: users could still take out the battery and recharge it on our traditional CH-01 / DH-01 chargers.

6. Water resistance: the USB charging port can be covered by the rotatable rubber ring around the flashlight’s neck, which protects it from rain and splashing water.

7. Low battery alarm function: when battery is lower than about 5%, the beam will strobe intermittently when using the flashlight.

8. Preset function with Procap® v2.0 tailcap: modes can be chosen before and also while switched on.

9. Red traffic wand optional.

Package Included:

1x flashlight

1 x User manual

1x box