Supfire J02 Everyday carry lights Laser Flashlight

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Name: Supfire J01 Everyday carry lights Laser Flashlight

Categories: Everyday carry lights

Brand: SupFire Flashlight

Brightness: Tail Light 160Lm , Side Light 350Lm

Power source: Tail Light 3W , Side Light 5W

Material: Alloy

Size: Φ=20mm L=165mm W=24mm

Net weight: 80g

Waterproo: IPxx

Runtime: Tail Light 2.8H , Side Light 3H

Charging time: 4H

distance: Tail white light 59m , Tail lasr light 1028m

light color: white light、purple light、red laser

battery capabicity: Built-in battery 14500(800mAh)

Modes: Tail white light-side white light-Front purple light)


1. Portable EDC

2. It can change a variety of light array  patterns to achieve a fantasy starry sky effect.

3. It can be used for conferences and teaching plan presentations, key information guidance.

4. Laser Long Shot, Over one thousand meters, pure light color, low power consumption.

5. Indicator light display: The red light is always on when charging, and the red light is off, when it is full; During use, the in-dicator light turns blue.

6. Wear-scratch, Anti-fall, Sturdy and Durable.

7. Portable and compact

Package Included:

1x flashlight 

1x battery

1x USB charging cable

1x lanyard

1x box