SupFire HL33 Headlamps 1052 lumens

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SupFire headlamps


Name:SupFire HL33 Headlamps 1052 lumens

Categories: Headlamps

Brand: SupFire Flashlight

Light source: Main light

Auxiliary light: USA imported XPE LED

Brightness: 1052lumens

Power: 16w

Material: 6061-T6 aviation aluminum

Net weight: 226g

Power source: 4*AA dry/ NI-MH battery

Runtime: 3-5 hours

Distance: 100-200meters

Modes: 4 modes(Main light/auxiliary ligh/three lights/strobe)


1. Three-lamp design, strong light and long shot, main lights and auxiliary lights to meet different needs

2. 90° angle adjustment

3. LED high power wick, high-power LED wick, long life, high brightness stable light source output

4. Balance weight before and after, comfortable and afer, comfortable to wear

4. Power connection line, can be adjusted freely to prevent breakage

Package Included:

1x headlamp

1x charging cable

1x belt

1x box