SupFire G15-S Outdoor&Camping lights COB lights 240 lumen

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Name:SupFire G15-S Outdoor&Camping lights COB lights 240 lumen

Categories: Outdoor&Camping lights

Brand: SupFire Flashlight

Model No.: G15-S

light source: XPE LED (front light) + COB (side light)

Power: 5W(front light)+7W(side light)   

Material: TPR rubber

Theoretical brightness: 500 lm

Brightness: 240 lm

Range: 96m (front)

Size: 150*48*89mm

Net weight: 214g


1. Battery indicator, display remaining power and charging status

2. Charge and discharge design

3. Adjust brightness at will

4. 270° portation, made of ABS and TPR, light and durable

5. Suitable for various scenarios, such as car maintenance, camping, night riding, etc.

Package Included:

1x flashlight

1x charging cable

1x box