Supfire BL06-X Bike lights 275 lumens

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Name:Supfire BL06-X Bike lights 275 lumens

Categories: Bike lights

Brand: Supfire Flashlight

Light source: JINGRUI XD LED

Brightness: 275 lm

Power: 2W*2

Weigh: 148.5g

Material: ABS

Size: 114mm*50mm*31mm

Power source: 18650 battery (1800mAh)

Runtime: 200 mins

Charging time: 190 mins

Distance: 207 meters

Modes: 3 modes (High>Middle>Low)


1. High-bright dual-light bicycle light

2. Firefly in the dark

3. Life waterproof level, sealed and waterproof, whether it is heavy rain or wet fog, can work normally, safe riding is guaranteed

4. Design different USB ports, unplug the USB rubber plug and directly use the small USB to charge the battery, while the big USB can charge other devices

5. Built-in large capacity battery

6. Easy to disassemble and easy to install

7. Long range | stylish and beautiful | no burden| easy to cary | small body|big energy|outdoor riding is easier

Package Included:

1x flashlight

1x USB cable

1x car clip

1x box