Supfire BL06 550 lumens Bike Light

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Name:Supfire BL06 Bike lights 550 lumens

Categories: Bike lights

Brand: Supfire Flashlight

light source: 2*Jingrui XK LED

Brightness: 550 lumens

Power: 7w*2

Material: aluminum

Size: 115mm*50mm*31mm(±2mm)

Net weight: 274g (battery and clip included)

Power source: 2*2000mAh 18650 battery

Runtime: 2.5hours

Distance: 200meters

Waterproof: IP64

Modes: 4 modes (High>Middle>Low>Strobe)


1. Two high power LED, long battery life

2. It is designed for night riding, it is safer to ride at night with its company

3. Life waterproof level, sealed and waterproof, whether it is heavy rain or wet fog, can work normally, safe riding is guaranteed

4. Good partner for cycling enthusiasts, light, small, portable

5. Four light modes: strong light, medium light, weak light, explosive flsh

6. Easy to disassembly 

7. Charge this light with micro-USB port, use as an power bank with USB port

Package Included:

1x flashlight

1x USB cable

1x clip

1x box