Rovyvon Aurora A8 Pro Keychain UV-C Light


Name: Rovyvon Aurora A8 Pro Keychain UV-C Light

Categories: Everyday Carry Lights

Brand: RovyVon

Switch typeSide  e-switch
Lens typeQuartz glass + Brass reflector
Battery TypeLithium polymer rechargeable
Battery Typical capacity330mAh
Battery Charge methodMicro USB;  Charge time: 90 minutes (500mA/5V)
Battery IndicatorBreathing blue is charging, solid blue is fully charged
DiemsionØ0.61'' (15.6mm) x L2.38'' (60.5mm)


1. Smaller Than Your Finger: Weighs 0.55oz, with a dimension of 2.38(L)x0.61(W) inches, build-in 330mAh rechargeable battery, this mini flashlight is portable for everyday carry.

2. Versatile Flashlight: this black light is good at tasks such as finding stains, pet surprises long past, checking currency and so on. Get one to see where your pet has done it's business.

3. Unique Side Light: White side light with stand up feature make it ideal for night light or tent light. Side black light allow you charge glow in the dark items in seconds, giving a much more powerful glow.

4. Easy to Carry: Come with reversible pocket clip so you can easily attach it to your cap to as headlamp flashlight. Also come with Keyring, allow you to attach with your key for easy access.


1. Front LED

Turn on: long press 0.5 seconds

Turn off: long press 0.3 seconds


2. Side LED

Turn ON

1) UV (A8 Pro U): rapid double-click

2) Red (A8 Pro R): rapid double-click from off

3) White (both): rapid triple-click from off

Switch mode: click to cycle through

1) UV: Low-High

2) Red: Solid-Flash-Beacon

3) White: Low-High

Quick-switch: When the light is on, rapid double-click or triple-click could switch the related turn-on modes quickly, no need to turn off to switch modes.

Turn off: Long press for 0.3 seconds

Package Included:

1x flashlight

1 x User manual

1x box