Nitecore P30i XHP35 HI LED 2000 Lumens 1093 Yard Long Throw Tactical Flashlight

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Name: Nitecore P30i XHP35 HI LED 2000 Lumens 1093 Yard Long Throw Tactical Flashlight

Categories: Tactical lights

Brand: Nitecore Flashlight


Maximum Brightness: 2000 lumens

Peak Beam Distance: 1093 yards 

Peak Beam Intensity: 250000 cd

IP Rating: IP68 - 2m submersible

Impact Resistance: 1 m

Dimension: L-6.99"xW-2.56"xH-2.56"

Weight: 9.01oz


1. Max output of 2000 lumens with over 1000 yards of throw

2. RSW2i USB-C Remote Switch

3. Rechargeable via usb-c port

4. Built-in power indicator that flashes to show power level remaining

Package Included:

1x Nitecore P30i

1x NL2150HPi 5000mAH rechargeable battery

1x remote switch RSW2i (cable part)

1x USB-C charging cable

1x CR123 battery magazine

1x clip

1x spare o-ring

1x holster