Meote FM1 LH351D/SST20/XPL-HI LED 4980Lm Copper Head EDC Flashlight


Name: Meote FM1 LH351D/SST20/XPL-HI LED 4980Lm  Copper Head EDC Flashlight

Categories: Everyday Carry Flashlight

Brand: Meote Flashlight

Emitter Type&Light temperature

LH35 1D 5000K

SST20 4000K

XPL-HI 6500K

4980 Lumens(XPL HI version)
Max Beam Distance184 m
Max Beam Intensity8500 cd
MaterialCopper & Aluminium alloy
ReflectorTIR glass
LenGlass with anti-reflective coating
ButtonAerospace grade aluminium alloy
FirmwareAnduril UI
Impact Resistance2m
143g without cells
110mm x 30mm x27mm (Length x  Head dia. x Body dia.)
Power source
1x 18650 (not included)

User interface:

1. set to use SMOOTH RAMPING. Instant access to TURBO mode is also provided.

2. A more conventional STEPPED RAMPING UI is available if you like discrete modes level. You can choose how many steps you want.

3. MOMENTARY mode is useful for signaling purposes or rapidly/briefly lighting up targets. To exit this mode, physically disconnect power

4. MUGGLE mode uses a reduced output.

5. It has an electronic LOCKOUT for safety, but acts also as momentary low light.

Other functions: Battery check, sunset,  beacon, tactical strobe, party strobe, bike flasher, candlelight, lightning storm

Anduril extra modes:

1. Candle mode

2. Bike flasher

3. Party strobe

4. Tastical strobe

5. Light-ning stor m mode

6. Stepless dimming

7. Normal brightness mode

Package Included:

1 x MEOTE FM1 Anduril UI LED EDC Flashlight

2 x Spare Waterproof O-rings

1 x Holster

1 x User Manual