Fenix BC05R rechargeble Bike Tail lights

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Name: Fenix BC05R rechargeble Bike Tail lights 

Categories: Bike light

Brand: Fenix Flashlight

Input Lumens:10lm



Size:Length: 2" (51mm) Width: 0.87" (22mm) Height: 0.83"(21mm)

Weight:0.67 oz. (19g)

Battery:Built-in 240mAh Li-polymer battery


1.Runtime up to 1month if you use 2h/D.

2.Type-C charging, quickly charging.

3.Multiple uses as a headlamp, chest lamp and backpack light

4.Battery level indicator 

5. when battery charging is needed low-voltage warning reminds

6.IP66 rated protection

7.There are 4 output levels

8.Single switch for oerating and releasing.

Package Included:

1x Type-C charging cable, 

1x bicycle mounting strap, 

1x body clip