Name: Acebeam X75 12 x LEDs 80,000 Lumens Outdoor Portable USB PD Power Bank Flashlight

Categories: Search Lights

Brand: Acebeam Flashlight

FL1 STANDARDUltra-LowLowMid1Mid2HighTurboStrobe
Power Mode & Windy ModeOutput900lms2,000lms5,000lms~900lms11,000lms~900lms23,000lms~17,500lms~900lms80,000lms~22,000lms~900lms60,000lms~10,000lms
Runtime55s+50min5h 30mins2h 23mins +8mins63mins+8mins7minutes+25minutes+8minutes30s+20mins+8mins50mins
Beam Distance147m207m300m415m622m1,150m995m
Beam Intensity5,402cd10,712cd22,500cd43,056cd96,721cd330,625cd
Power Mode & Non-Wind ModeOutput900lms
Runtime8h 20mins5h 30mins2h 23mins63mins+8mins4mins+72mins+8mins20s+70mins+8mins50mins
Beam Distance147m
Beam Intensity5,402cd
22,500cd43,056cd 96,721cd330,625cd247,506cd
ECO Mode & Windy ModeOutput900lms2,000lms5,000lms~900lms11,000lms~900lms23,000lms~12,000lms~900lms80,000lms~12,000lms~900lms60,000lms~10,000lms
Runtime8h 20mins5h 30mins2h 23mins+8mins63mins+8mins30s+40mins+8mins30s+42mins+8minis50mins
Beam Distance147m207m300m622m1,150m1150m995m
Beam Intensity5,402cd10,712cd22,500cd96,721cd330,625cd330,625cd247,506cd
ECO Mode & Non-Wind ModeOutput900lms2,000lms5,000lms~900lms11,000lms~900lms23,000lms~6,800lms~900lms80,000lms~6,800lms~900lms60,000lms~10,000lms
Runtime8h 20mins5h 30mins2h 23mins63mins + 8mins2mins+80mins+8mins20s+82mins+8min50mins
Beam Distance147m
Beam Intensity5,402cd
LED Options Boost LED Driver Controller
12x XHP70.2 LED 6500K 80,000 Lumens
Oxidation OptionType-III hard-anodized Oxidation (Black)
PD 60W fast Changer/QC (1.5 hour full charged)
Weight1240 g/43.7 oz (Including battery pack) 
Dimension176(Length) x 92(Head Diameter) x 127(Height including handle) mm / 6.93 x 3.62 x 5" inch
BatteryBuilt-in 14.4V/4250mAh Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack ( 4 x 21700 Li-ion Batteries)


1. 80,000 lumens max output.

2. USB Type-C PD60W fast charging (Standard); 1.5 hours for full charging. Also can compatible PD100W fast charging(Max); 1 hour for full charging.

3. Acebeam X75 with Built-in dual intelligent temperature regulation systems.

4. Intelligent cooling fan and Intelligent thermal control module.

5. Detachable, maintainable and waterproof cooling fan(IP68).

6. Can set the Windy mode or Non-wind mode.

7. Up to 98% high efficient constant current circuit.

8. Momentary Turbo activation rapidly responds to emergency situations.

9. Pure copper heat dissipation piece for high efficient heat dissipation.

10. Color-changing silicone sleeve monitors the temperature of the flashlight and protects for anti-impact.

11. Patented mechanical safe lock - No accidental activation.

12. IP68 standard waterproof.

13. 12 x US imported LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours

14. Cool White 6500K Color Temperature: Max 80,000 lumens output by the customized rechargeable battery pack; Max 1150meters/3772feet beam throw

Package Includes:

1 X Acebeam X75 flashlight

1 X Acebeam X75 User manual

1 X Acebeam X75 Charger

FAQ about Acebeam X75:

Q1. What kind of LEDs are used in Acebeam X75?

A: 12 XHP70.2 cool white LED's.

Q2. What’s the color temperature of Acebeam X75?

A: 6500K.

Q3. What battery does the Acebeam X75 support?

A: The light is built-in a 14.4V/61.2Wh rechargeable Li-ion battery pack.

Q4. How can I get the PD100W fast charge to full charge in 1hour?

A: The standard charger included is PD60W with Emark cable, which can be fully charged in 1.5hours. Customers can get a 100W AC Power adapter from the market and use our included Emark cable to support PD100W to speed up to full charge in 1hour.

Q5. Whether Acebeam X75 is waterproof?

A: When you see so many gaps built in the Acebeam X75, you must be concerned about its water resistance. In fact, this torch is waterproof underwater two meters, IP68. We adopt internal waterproof designs such as physical isolation, contact energization, and sealed conduit.

Q6. Does Acebeam X75 have Power Mode and ECO Mode?

A: Yes, Acebeam X75 is designed with Power mode and ECO mode for energy saving. Under Power mode, the regulated temperature is 75 degrees. The output at Turbo max would be stepped down to 30,000lumens from 80,000lumens should the temperature is too high. Under ECO mode, the regulated temperature is 65 degrees. The output at Turbo max would be stepped down to 13,000lumens from 80,000lumens should the temperature is too high.

Q7. How to set ECO mode and Power mode?

A: When the light is off, quick click the Auxiliary Switch (Above one) 10 times above to exchange mode between ECO mode and Power mode. When the light is dimmer, it means ECO mode. When the light is brighter, it means Power mode.

 Q8. Does Acebeam X75 have overheat protection?

A: Yes. The light will accumulate a lot of heat when used at high-output mode for extended periods. X75 has Dual Intelligent temperature Regulation systems. One is built-in the Fans system and the other is built-in main board system. When the light reaches set temperature or above, the light will automatically step down a few lumens to reduce the temperature. When the temperature drops below the set temperature, it will then allow the user to reselection the mode.

Q9. Does Acebeam X75 have a heat dissipation system?

A: Sure! For high-lumen flashlights, how to control the heat becomes especially important. The x75 utilizes the principle of air duct heat dissipation and designs a cooling fan for heat dissipation, which can quickly and efficiently inhale cold air and discharge hot air. 

Q10. Whether the cooling fan can be controlled?

A: There are two modes: Windy Mode or Non-Wind Mode. Under Windy mode, the cooling fan is Intelligent, which would be turned on automatically when the temperature is high. While, also, users can also turn it off to set the Non-wind mode if they need it works in a quiet environment. 

Q11. How to set the Windy Mode or Non-Wind Mode?

A: When the flashlight is off, long-press the Auxiliary Switch (Above one) to exchange the Windy Mode or Non-Wind Mode. When the battery indicator is green, which means Windy Mode is active. When the battery indicator is red, which means Non-Wind Mode is active. 

Q12. Whether it is normal if the cooling fan is still working when I turn off the flashlight?

A: The operation of the intelligent cooling fan is controlled by the temperature of the flashlight. If the temperature of the flashlight is high, the cooling fan will be turned on automatically. Even when the flashlight is turned off, but the temperature of the flashlight is still high, the fan will continue to run to dissipate heat. When the heat drops to a safe temperature, about 50 degrees, the fan stops running and shuts down automatically (may need several minutes after the flashlight is turned off). While, also, users can also turn it off if they need it works in a quiet environment. Please note that it is not recommended to turn off the fan manually. When the fan is turned off, the casing of the flashlight cannot cool down effectively, and there is a risk of burns.

Q13. If there is water/sand/dust in the fan, how to clean it?

A: The cooling fan is designed detachable and maintainable. The cooling fan can be taken off by unscrewing the thread. Wash them in water and dry them with a hair dryer.

Q14. What are the default settings when Acebeam X75 is out of the factory?

A: The default setting for Acebeam X75 is insulated the power by the plastic film; Lockout Mode; ECO mode; Low power battery pack, 

Please remove the insulating film and unlock the flashlight before the first use. 

Q15. When the flashlight is hot, whether it can be dropped into water to cool down?

A: Can not. Do not submerge the flashlight into any liquid when it is hot. Doing so may cause irreparable damage to the light due to the sharp difference in the glass lens.